See Spaces

Motto: Open more than your eyes...

Pay off: Thank you for letting us open more than our eyes

Space is all around us. Always. Even if you are not aware of it. 

Man organized space.
Space comes in dimensions and varieties. Next to fysical space, there is psychological, conceptional and mental space. We even made virtual space.

You ususally become aware of it through perception of it’s boundaries or its confinements. 
Borders, rules, walls, norms, physical signs, labelling, sensory stimuli or by the mere presence of a counterspace.  
They are functional , they serve to organize your world, to protect you, to secure, also to inspire new functions and experiences. They define domains, territories, zones, rooms. 

Invasion in your space triggers the feeling, often as a bodily sensation. They effectively limit your freedom, suffocate you and suck out energy. And this is where you long for space just as it is,

To not get lost in free space you need orientation. A beaken. You are here. And an idea of direction. A promise of future destination. That’s where you’re heading for. A conviction of gist of life: colour, music, beauty, feeling, for each other.

Space is the promise of imaginary liberation. Trendwatchers and other professional augurs, visionaries, futurologists, create vision in future spaces. And this is something that gives us all a comforting, thrilling and liberating sense of orientation. 

And, here is the thing: you are allowed and welcomed even to take your space. We happily make room on the stage for someone like you.  
Do let your thoughts flow. From underground to orbit, from here to Tokyo and beyond, from past to future, from daily practice to dreams and back again. There is no can’t do in imagination. 

There is no lack of space, if you make room.
You only need to open more than your eyes.

Thank you for letting us open more than our eyes.